Letters of Support to Local Media Outlets

Here are some of the letters that have appeared in newspapers over the course of the campaign.

'Vote Sept. 14 for Loudenbeck' --Joane M. Waite
Published in the Beloit Daily News on September 8th, 2010

Amy Loudenbeck is the candidate that will best represent the diverse communities and populations in the 45th Assembly District.

Amy understands the connections among our major economic entities; industry, agriculture and tourism. Supporting the food processing and technology cluster in Beloit was a major initiative Amy coordinated at the Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce. The food industries in our area use corn and soybeans grown on local farms, providing employment for many. Our inviting quality of life amenities, lifelong learning opportunities, and natural resources draw tourists and new residents to our area, which helps our economy. Amy’s Chamber experience included close interaction with agencies and community partners involved in tourism and relocation assistance.

Amy is a consensus builder. She has the capabilities and experience of putting together differing views and finding common ground to achieve desired goals. Amy will listen, seek out her constituent’s opinions, research the facts and honestly evaluate and balance the needs of the individual and the cost and benefit to the community.

Amy has earned my vote and my trust. I urge you to learn more about Amy’s campaign at www.amyforassembly.com and vote for Amy Loudenbeck on Tuesday September 14.


'Proud to Back Loudenbeck,' --Maribeth Miller
Published in the Beloit Daily News on September 8th, 2010

I am proud to support my sister Amy Loudenbeck for the 45th Assembly District!

Most people know me through my passion for green living and local food. Candidates are often assumed to be either pro-business or pro-environment. Amy is both. As a partner in an environmental and engineering firm in Chicago, she managed complex workplans and budgets in the office, and then went out in the field to manage the work, make adjustments as needed and collect soil and water samples. She studied hard to earn the credential of Certified Hazardous Materials Manager and I’ve seen her apply the same diligence to numerous complex issues since.

Her support of the business case for sustainability is based on experience and data. She helped companies reduce, reuse and recycle to benefit their bottom line. She grows her own food and raises alternative livestock on her Clinton farmette. She understands that not preserving our land, air, or water would be mortgaging our future as surely as runaway deficit spending would.

She has a talent for diplomacy and pulling together win-win solutions. She’s also uniquely diversified in a way that naturally represents the broad range of people and interests in the 45th district.


'Sensible Choice is Loudenbeck,' --Patricia and Richard Ranft
Published in the Beloit Daily News on September 8th, 2010

With her roots in rural Rock County, strong ties to the area’s business communities, and a crucial political science background, Amy Loudenbeck is the sensible choice for District 45’s Assembly position.

Her positive attitude and commitment to improving the district’s economic growth combine with her natural “get it done” ability to give us a dynamic, concerned candidate. We urge you to support Amy Loudenbeck with your vote on Sept. 14.


'Loudenbeck the Right One,' -- Nancy V. Forbeck
Published in the Beloit Daily News on September 2, 2010

The right person to represent the 45th Assembly district in Wisconsin is Amy Loudenbeck.

Amy knows how to create budgets, how to work on a project from beginning to end, how to listen to others, how to advocate and stand up for people and for action.

Amy believes in hard work, in collaboration, in caring about entire communities, in supporting actions that increase prosperity and a wonderful quality of life for all of us.

Amy will represent all of us. Her broad knowledge of the sectors of our economy that will create the jobs we need such as small business, food processing, agriculture, manufacturing and tourism makes her the right person to vote for.

Amy spent the last eight years supporting the Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce in its role of leading business and leading communities. This is a natural next step for this community leader and advocate.

She is smart, committed, honest and knows how to get things done on time and under budget. Vote for Amy on Sept. 14!


'Loudenbeck for 45th District,' --Mike Hahn
Published in the Beliot Daily News on August 30th, 2010

I am writing to declare my support for Amy Loudenbeck, Republican candidate for Wisconsin’s 45th Assembly District. As a 2008 candidate for this seat, I understand the needs of the people of the district and I am confident Amy is the right person to bring their voice to Madison.

Right now our state faces a $2.5 billion budget deficit and Rock County still suffers from some of the highest unemployment in the state. We need a representative who can start fighting for solutions to these problems on day one. Amy’s experience is exactly what we need.

The primary is September 14. I urge you to cast your vote for Amy Loudenbeck for the 45th Assembly District. It is our district and our future; that is why we must make the right choice for our representative in Madison. That is why I support Amy for Assembly.


'Loudenbeck for Assembly,' --Margaret Farrow
Published in the Beloit Daily News on August 20th, 2010

On Tuesday Sept. 14, residents of Wisconsin’s 45th Assembly District will have the opportunity to choose the candidates who will be on the ballot for the Nov. 2 general election.

As a former Lieutenant Governor, State Senator and State Representative, I understand what it takes to be an effective leader and representative. Amy Loudenbeck understands the district and is sensitive to its unique mix of urban and rural populations and diverse economic drivers. She is also the most qualified candidate for the position. That is why I’m endorsing Amy as the Republican candidate for the 45th Assembly District.

As your representative, Amy will put people first in state government and take your message to Madison. Amy firmly believes that, “State government should do more to encourage job growth, reduce spending, support economic development, restore public trust and then get out of the way!” Amy’s website at www.amyforassembly.com contains additional background and issue information. Amy will work full-time to bring economic security to the district, protect and promote agriculture, limit the size and scope of government, and simplify regulatory and tax policy.

Supporting Amy Loudenbeck was a very easy decision for me to make. She’s passionate about Wisconsin, a true conservative Republican and she has the tenacity and drive to win this September and this November. I encourage you to vote for Amy Loudenbeck for Assembly District 45 on Tuesday, Sept. 14.